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N.B. (1) If the status in this page shows 'Handed Over to Mail Delivery Desk', it means it may take up to the next working day to reach post office and then become visible in its tracking system.

(2) In case of passport (MRP) application, with Enrolment ID (MRP) and Date of Birth, you can check status at
However, immediately after the enrolment, if you don't find the update at; it means the process at the Embassy end of the MRP software has yet to be completed. Please be noted that it usually takes around two weeks to complete the process in the software at the Embassy end and then it goes to DIP, Dhaka's end when the update at becomes available. Again, when the printed passport comes to the Embassy and the process is completed by activating it, you can no longer find the update in At this stage, you have to wait for the status at the Embassy tracking page to be changed to 'Handed Over to Mail Delivery Desk'.
For e-passport, please visit

(3) If the status in the shows 'pending for passport personalisation', it means the application has already been approved and the passport is now waiting to be printed at Dhaka office.

(4) If the status in the website shows the 'Passport is ready and pending for issuance', it means it has been printed in Dhaka and will come to the Mission by mail. Please wait for the status to be changed to 'Received by RPO', which means the Mission has received the printed passport and will deliver to the applicant soon by mail or in-person (as applicable).

(5) If this page shows 'No records available', please don't worry. Because of the hundreds of mails coming to the Embassy almost everyday, it takes time to enter the applications into the system. In case of NVR, please wait upto 10 working days and in case of passport renewal, upto 21 working days to get the update in the tracking system.

For any further information or query, please email to: